Hi There! Welcome

I understand the early days of Blogging can be stressful

You have a lot of things to do 

Social media needs your attention,

Pinterest is also waiting for you 

And search engines are hungry for fresh content

Not forgetting building an email list

I won’t even mention the tech side

The whole blogging thing can be overwhelming and confusing  

In short, it’s hard work!

You end up feeling like you chose the wrong path 

Or even worse like a little puppy chasing its own tail and getting nowhere

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Guess what?

This whole process can be simplified

That’s Why I’m here

I’m here to simplify your Blogging and WordPress experience with my tutorials and actionable blogging tips so that you can build a profitable blog without a hassle

Why do I care so much?

I had ZERO blogging knowledge when I started

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into

So the whole process was frustrating and overwhelming

I made a lot of mistakes

WordPress was a bit confusing and don’t even ask me about blogging

I had no direction and wasn’t confident

I created and destroyed my blog 2 times

At first, it was free hosted and when I upgraded I felt the need to delete every post and start over again and I lost my readers.

I started over again and made 40c on my second-month

I was excited and expected more on the following month but I only made a $1 and gave up

A lot was going on and I lost my blog during the process

I created another blog on a different niche but things got worse

I didn’t know how to promote that blog and I wasn’t passionate about the niche at all

Got burned out, stressed and…

I wanted to give up blogging for good but to my surprise… 

my lost (dead) blog made money!

That’s when I decided to start over again and help new bloggers build their blogs without going through all the blogging frustrations

Wanna get busy right away? These posts can help you out:

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How To Install Plugins In WordPress

How To Be Approved As A ShareASale Affiliate

How To Rank #1 On Google With A New Blog

I don’t want you to wrack your brain trying to figure things out on your own

Blogging doesn’t have to be that hard

WordPress doesn’t need to be confusing either

And you don’t have to open 75 tabs all at once trying to find a simple WordPress/blogging tutorial

All you need is a blogging friend to make things easy for you and I’m at your service!

But do get me right, I’m not promising you that I will help you get rich quick

My point is, blogging is hard BUT (it’s a BIG but) not as hard as people think, and I’m here to show you the easy route

Whether you are just starting out blogging or you’ve been blogging for a while

You’re at the right place

I will help you with:

>> WordPress tutorials

>> Affiliate marketing tips

>> Blogging tips

>> Useful blogging tools and tutorials to use them

>> Actionable tips to help you turn your blog into a real business

>> And many more

Who Am I?

I’m Zayacy, a millennial mom to 3 boys

I started blogging in 2018 because I was tired of living in poverty

I couldn’t even afford to buy toys for my kids

( this was the most painful experience: you know it’s every mom’s dream to buy her kiddos some cool toys)

I was tired of this kind of life

I opted for blogging because it’s the most flexible business to start as a stay at home mom

And it doesn’t require a lot of money to start a blog or even a degree

I’m happy that I’m now running my own business online whilst raising my kiddos

Blogging is changing my life

Here is what I first wrote on this page:

As a mom, it hurts me to see a beautiful toy in a toy store and fail to pay for it

It hurts when my son asks me to buy him a Paw patrol kit he saw on tv, and all I can do is promise him that ‘mama will buy you one day’

It hurts me when I can’t drive my kids to school because I don’t own a car

It hurts me when my husband works day and night only to get peanuts for a salary

I am on a mission to change my life,

I want to help my husband and make sure that I can buy stuff for my kids

A dream of changing my life led me here

I have a passion for financial freedom…”

That was May 2019 and now I read these lines and smile

I managed to make my first $100+ in June 2019

And the income isn’t dropping since then

I’m happy that I’m finally able to buy new toys for my kids every month

I know I am not alone,

There are folks out there who wish to change their lives with blogging

Are you one of them?

My mission is to make blogging easy for you so that you can change your life too

You Rock! Now check your inbox to download your free template