About Me

My Mission Is To Help You Start And Grow A Profitable Blog

I am a mom who never thought she can have her own corner on the internet and build her own site,

Thought building a site was expensive and was for the experts

Thought that there was nothing to blog about – everything was already on the internet

But I was wrong

Thought no English native speaker would read and take advice from a non-native like me who struggled with her English

Again, I was wrong

I had misconceptions about blogging

It turns out that 69% of my audience is from the US and they are ok with me being a non-native

Blogger's Jungle audience by location
Blogger’s Jungle Audience Location (source-Google Analytics)

And I don’t run out of ideas to blog about regardless of the internet having everything

It turns out that building a website is affordable and everyone can build one in minutes

Does the old me sound like the current you? You are at the right place.

I am here to help you overcome all the fears and doubts you have about starting and building a blog

I wasn’t confident, I wasn’t sure and I was confused

I have made a lot of mistakes

I have created and destroyed my blog 2 times

At first, it was free hosted and when I upgraded I felt the need to delete every post and start over again and I lost my readers.

I started over again and I made 40c my second-month blogging

I was excited and I was expecting more the following month but I only made a $1 and I gave up

A lot was going on and I thought wasn’t doing things correctly so I destroyed my blog

Decided to change my direction and start another blog on a different niche and that was the biggest mistake I have ever made

I didn’t know how to promote that blog and I wasn’t passionate about the niche at all

I wanted to give up blogging for good but to my surprise my dead blog made money!

That’s when I realized that I wasn’t doing anything wrong after all

My blog needed time to grow and also my readers were happy with my content so I started all over again

I Want You To Tell Your Own Story One Day

I believe everyone can be a successful blogger (you included)

Regardless of your background you can still make it

Whether you are just starting your blog or you are planning to, understand that the stages you are in are yet to pass

Be confident and do not give up

Believe in yourself, all you need is the right mindset and get going

Give a deaf ear to those who say blogging is not for you

They say blogging is not easy and you will not make money with less than 1000 page views

I say yes, it is not easy and so is any other business

And I believe you can make money with less than 100 pageviews

I made money with a dead blog!

It had shut down,

I didn’t have any page views and before my blog was shut, it never had anything close to 1000 page views or 500 for that matter

It’s a matter of how much you can earn not how many page views you have to start earning with your blog

I made money with a blog post a few minutes after publishing it, which means it wasn’t read yet

I am not telling you this just to make you believe what I am saying

You can read the full post here

Who Am I?

I am Sharon, a mom of 3 sweet kids

I started blogging because I wanted something that can give me money while staying at home

As a mom, it hurts me to see a beautiful toy in a toy store and fail to pay for it

It hurts when my son asks me to buy him a Paw patrol kit he saw on tv, and all I can do is promise him that ‘mama will buy you one day’

It hurts me when I can’t drive my kids to school because I don’t own a car

It hurts me when my husband works day and night only to get pennies for a salary

I am on a mission to change my life,

I want to help my husband and make sure that I can buy stuff for my kids

A dream of changing my life led me here

I have a passion for financial freedom

And I know I am not alone,

There are folks out there who are like me, who wish the same

If you are one of them, then you are going to love this blog

There is nothing wrong to start a blog for the sake of generating income

There is nothing special about me, I am not an expert but I am good enough to guide you throughout your blogging journey

As I said earlier I’ve been through the same phase

I have had sleepless nights and restless days just to have you here

I even sold my sewing machine so that I could pay for an affiliate marketing course.

That’s insane, right? Don’t blame me, I love blogging and I want to help you with accurate information from trusted sources.

I believe if I combine my obsession to help you and my mission to change my life the outcome will be amazing

And I have made it my priority to help you:

  • Start and grow a profitable blog
  • With affiliate marketing tips
  • With blogging tips
  • Useful blogging tools and tutorials to use them
  • Turn your blog into a real business
  • Boost your confidence as a new blogger

I believe your blog can help you achieve your dreams

This site is made for you

It is crafted by a person who understands you

What’s with the name Blogger’s Jungle?

The name Blogger’s Jungle is inspired by a real jungle,

In a jungle, you find everything you want from fruits to beautiful scenes

Fresh air to wild animals and this blog is a place where you get all things blogging in one place

Blogger’s Jungle is all about giving value to you

 I am happy to be part of your journey

Enjoy the jungle!

Always feel free to reach out, anytime you need help

I am always ready to help you

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