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Blogger’s Jungle is a place for aspiring bloggers who are ready to work from home and make money blogging

I have created and destroyed this very blog 2 times

At first, it was free hosted and when I upgraded I felt the need to delete every post and start over again and I lost my readers.

I started over again and I made 40c my second-month blogging

I was excited and I was expecting more the following month but I only made $1 and I gave up,

A lot was going on and thought I wasn’t doing things right so I destroyed my blog and decided to change my direction and start another blog on a different niche and that was the biggest mistake I have ever made,

I didn’t know how to promote that blog and I wasn’t passionate about the niche at all

I wanted to give up blogging for good but to my surprise my dead blog made money!

That’s when I realized that I wasn’t doing anything wrong after all, my blog needed time to grow and also my readers where happy with my content so I started over again,

Why am I telling you all this?

Whether you are just starting your blog or you are planning to, I want you to understand that the stages you are in or you will go through I’ve been through them too and I won’t let you give up like I did.

Give a deaf ear to those who say blogging is not easy and you will not make money with less than 1000 page views,

I made money with a dead blog!

It had shut down, so I didn’t have any page views and before my blog was shut it never had anything close to 1000 page views or 500 for that matter

Blogging is easy but it requires patience and a few tactics to earn money from it,

I am ready to hold your hand and show you exactly what you need to make money from your blog.

Who Am I?

I am Sharon or Zayac,

I am a mom of 3 sweet kids and I love being honest, I started blogging because I wanted something that can give me money while staying at home.

That’s why I gave up my blog easily, I wanted money first before my readers and now I know how important it is helping my readers.

My aim now is to help you first and earn money whilst you are happy and satisfied.

If you believe that you can only make money the hard way then this blog isn’t for you, 

I believe you can easily make money from your blog but do get me right I AM NOT PROMISING THAT YOU WILL GET RICH THIS QUICKER

As I said earlier you will make money with your blog but you need to be patient, don’t expect six-figure income in your first-month blogging,

What’s with the name Blogger’s Jungle?

The name blogger’s Jungle is inspired by a real jungle,

In a jungle you find everything you want from fruits to beautiful scenes, fresh air to wild animals and this blog is a place where you get all things blogging in one place,

This is a place for complete newbie bloggers who doesn’t have time to jump from one blog to another searching for blogging tips.

 I am happy to be part of your journey, enjoy the jungle!

Always feel free to reach out, anytime you need help, I am always ready to help. I will be right here with you.