How to Create A Successful Blog In 2019

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2019)
how to create a successful blog you can be proud of

Do you want to start a successful blog in 2019?

A blog that earns enough income to pay for your bills?

A blog you can be proud?

If your answer is YES, you are in the right place

In this post, I’m going to help you create a successful blog in simple steps

I must say

It’s not easy to start a blog these days

Don’t get me wrong,

It’s easy on the tech side but it’s a tough decision to make

With all the failed blogs out there it’s natural to be sceptical when it comes to creating a blog

Some folks say “blogging is dead” and you are like, is it really?

Let me answer that question for you, my friend

First, of DON’T listen to that crap

Blogging isn’t dead!

If blogging is dead then Ana ( wouldn’t have made $50000 from her blog this year

Not forgetting Carly ( makes more than $8000 from her blog every month

I personally think the idea of starting a blog in 2019 is not just a good idea

It’s a brilliant idea! a life-changing idea

You have made the right choice my friend

I launched this blog in May 2019 and right now as I speak I have managed to make enough money to fund this blog

Or should I say this blog made enough money to fund itself #notbragging

Imagine what I will be saying in months to come?

You can check this post here on how I made my first $100 and don’t forget to allow Blogger’s Jungle to send you notifications so that you won’t miss my income and progress reports

To be honest with you, when I started blogging I wasn’t sure about what I was doing

I was confused

And I was very close to quitting

I thought blogging wasn’t for me, even though I wanted to help my husband I had to give up… you can read the full story here

I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and I don’t want you to have the same experience as mine,

I want you to build a successful blog from day one

So what do you need in order to create a successful blog that you can be proud of?

1. Self Confidence

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert when it comes to blogging Confidence is key

I want to share with you these 3 rules that you should implement throughout your blogging journey to help you grow as a confident blogger

a) Speak with Authority

Remember when you are blogging you are blogging for a large audience and your audience regard you as their mentor

Don’t show your audience that you aren’t sure about what you are doing or that you think you aren’t capable of helping them

You earn your audience’s trust and respect by showing authority in whatever you do

Find your writing voice and master it

You might consider yourself as a novice but they regard you as an expert, keep that in mind

b) NEVER Compare Yourself With Other Bloggers

I used to compare myself with other bloggers and would end up asking myself that… “who on earth would read my blog?

so and so already blogged about this topic how will I get readers if I write the same topic?

How am I going to earn money…how can I compete with these bloggers?

And you know what? I lost my confidence

Felt that I couldn’t fit in

But I was wrong

Everyone can start a blog and fit in naturally in the blogosphere, you just don’t need to compare yourself with anyone

Don’t worry about that blogger who made $1000 on her first month, you don’t know how she achieved that

She’s got her own story, it’s only that she is not sharing her struggles with you

And also what worked for her might not work for you,

I am not saying you shouldn’t try her techniques if she shares but my point is you shouldn’t compare yourself with her

Take other bloggers as your role models but don’t try to be exactly like them

Believe that you can be successful as who you are.

Be yourself!

c) Your Level Of Education Doesn’t Matter

I started blogging with my pc, my brains and No fancy degree

But here I am occupying my own corner of the internet with you reading my post

Honestly, I am proud of myself!

Having a ‘fancy’ degree is an added advantage, Yes, BUT you shouldn’t worry about it if you don’t have one

I have seen successful mom bloggers without any degree

Remember when you are a blogger you own your blog and no one stops you from blogging because you don’t have any degree

Just be confident, as long as you can research, grab every freebie about blogging and write readable posts you are good to go

Always remember that you can become successful regardless of your level of education

What’s important is to keep educating yourself about blogging and investing in blogging courses so that you build a successful blog

2. The Right Blogging Mindset

3 elements of the right blogging mindset

Before jumping into the blogosphere understand that:

a)Blogging Isn’t Easy

I am not trying to discourage you but that’s the truth, blogging is hard and so is any other business you might think of

When I started blogging I didn’t expect the road to be hard, used to read income reports and I even bought a course which promised that I will easily build my blog and generate 50k traffic in a month! not forgetting earning 5k in my first month

This was misleading and the course was full of sh*t

I ended up wanting to quit

As I said earlier, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes

Know that there is something amazing waiting for you

The first few months are going to be hard but things will become easier as your blog matures

b) Blogging Requires Hard Work

You need to put in a LOT of hard work to build a successful blog

All those successful bloggers you are now admiring, worked hard for their business to grow

They didn’t set up their blogs and wake up the next morning with a six-figure income

Focus more on researching, publishing more content, networking and marketing your blog, that’s a lot of work eh?

The good thing is after all the hard work…money comes in naturally

Always remember if you don’t work hard it will be very hard to find your way up

c) You Will Succeed

Have a very positive mind, understand that as any other blogger out there you will also succeed

It doesn’t matter that you are going to build your blog today, know that in the years to come you will be telling your own story

All those successful bloggers started somewhere

They all went through ugly and painful days but you can only witness their beautiful days

If you ask them you will be surprised at what they went through, but they kept going because they believed in themselves

They believed that one day they will succeed

Don’t try to be perfect, learn from your mistakes and keep going

I made countless mistakes too

Try new things, as I said earlier always research

Don’t be afraid of failing

Be afraid of quitting not of failure, turn on the positive mindset and believe in yourself, #successawaits

3. Figure Out Your Niche

Taking you back, when I was worried about my income, a friend advised me to change my niche

I don’t blame her, I am the one who told her that my niche (blogging) was too competitive so obviously, she encouraged me to change a niche and I did

Bought a new domain name and was excited, I thought I was going to nail it

But you know what? I failed miserably,

I only wrote one blog post and I didn’t enjoy researching anything relating to that niche

Tried to drive traffic from social media but it didn’t work

Learnt that I should focus on a niche that I am passionate for regardless of the competition

When you focus on your passion:

  • You enjoy every milestone
  • You don’t give up easily
  • You enjoy learning new things
  • You are patient
  • Success comes in naturally

So how do you find your passion?

As for me, I found my passion after taking a wrong way,

It made me realise that I have a passion to help aspiring bloggers build their blogs

I love writing tutorials, testing and reviewing blogging tools

To avoid going the same route as mine, I want you to figure out your passion in a simple way

What is it that you spend a lot of time thinking about?

Something that you enjoy doing or you love to read, talk and maybe hear about

Is it babycare? programming? or some DIY stuff? That’s your niche!

After you have figured out your passion/niche find out whether you can monetize it or not

Don’t waste your time on a niche that isn’t profitable unless if you just want to blog for fun

But the fact that you are here means you want to create a profitable blog and work from home

So do your researches on Google or Facebook and find out how folks are making money on that niche

You Have Figured Out Your Blog Niche Now What? Set Up A Blog In A Few Minutes

You have come a long way, now it’s time to set up your blog

HONEST DISCLOSURE: Some links on this post are affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund this blog and buy toys for my kids if you use these links. You will not be charged extra. I only promote high-quality products. Thanks a million for your support.

I recommend:

  • Buying your domain name at Namecheap >> It’s cheaper
  • Using >> You have more options to customize your site unlike on other blogging platforms
  • Host Your blog at Siteground or Bluehost>> It’s fast, affordable and you get 24/7 support

In this post, we are going to create your blog with Siteground

so let’s get this party started

a. Create Your Domain Name

When you want to set up a successful blog you need to use your own domain name for example

Your domain name is going to be the address that folks will use to find your blog on the internet

Show your creativity, my friend,

Make sure to keep your domain name short and simple so that it will be easy for your readers to remember

Already have a domain name in mind? find out if it’s still available

Type in your domain below and see if it’s available

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

My domain name registrar is not the same as my host

But you can still buy a domain name from Siteground if you are okay with the price

b. Create A Blog With Siteground

Disclaimer: I am not a Siteground affiliate, I only recommend Siteground because this site is hosted on Siteground and I love their services which means if you use my link I will not earn a commission but they will compensate me as a user, not an affiliate

It’s crucial to choose a perfect host for your blog, the last thing you need is a slow loading site and poor support

My first blog was hosted on Wealthy affiliate,

I don’t wanna lie everything was okay (the load speed, the support etc) but their hosting plan was expensive maybe because they offer Affiliate Marketing training

I had to pay $49 every month! this affected my progress BIG time because I couldn’t focus more on my blog,

I was focusing more on finding money to pay my host

And I was frustrated when my blog made $1 only, lol…to spare you the details…

I did a lot of research and Siteground is the best host you can ever find if you seriously want to run your blog with ease and on a low budget

It’s only $3.95 a month and you will have a free SSL and HTTPS to help you protect your site,

Ready to create your blog? let’s get the party started!

Step 1: Choose A Plan

There are three plans on Siteground:

  1. StartUp
  2. GrowBig
  3. GoGeek
Choose your plan on Siteground

Many bloggers recommend the GrowBig plan due to the added functionalities especially the Super cacher which will help increase your site loading speed

Another advantage of a GrowBig plan is that you can create multiple sites whereas you can only create one site with the StartUp plan

Don’t worry if you can only afford a startUp plan, a Siteground startUp plan is 2-3 times faster as compared to higher plans of other hosts

Do you already have a high traffic site or want to access everything Siteground has to offer? Then the GoGeek is for you

Hover over the highlighted links and see the features of each plan

Step 2: Choose Your Domain

We have already discussed your domain name if you already have one click I already have a domain and type in your domain name

If you don’t have an existing domain click Register a new domain and click proceed

Siteground domain registration fee is $15.95/year

Enter your domain name

Step 3: Fill Out Your Info

*There is no PayPal on Siteground payment options but they accept PayPal, you will have to contact them first*

When you click proceed you will be directed to a page where you will have to fill out your information and make a purchase

Fill out your information

Note: When filling your purchase information make sure to pick 12 months or more in order to get the 60% discount

You can uncheck the extra services if you don’t have enough bucks, they are listed at the bottom of the hosting services

Select 12 months or more and uncheck the extra services if you can't afford

Now click on the box to agree with Siteground Terms Of Services and Privacy Policy >> click Pay Now

Paying for your blog hosting

Woohoo! your blog is now hosted on Siteground, this is the greatest achievement! that was quick eh?

Now let’s install WordPress

How To Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is as easy as A, B, C so don’t worry if you are a non-tech you are going to nail this

First, on your User area >> click My Accounts >> Go to cPanel

Click My Accounts and Click Go to cPanel

Now head over to the auto installers section and click WordPress

Under Autoinstallers select WordPress

This is where we are, now click install

Install WordPress

The next step is to fill in the required details for your WordPress blog, remember to use a strong password

The final step is to press install and you are done!

Congrats! you have successfully created your own blog!

You can log in to your WordPress blog and have some fun, remember there are hundreds of free themes and plugins to choose from

You can check out this list of 15 useful blogging tools and start crafting and running your blog like a pro

Happy Blogging!

Start working on your blog like nobody’s business!

No matter how hard this journey may seem, stay strong and positive

Don’t forget to leave your blog URL below I would love to visit your new blog

Do you have any questions? feel free to ask I am ready to help

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