How To Make Money As A Fashion Stylist In 2019

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2019)
How to make money as a fashion stylist

So you have a blazing fashion sense and you want to make money doing what you love?

I got you! That’s why I started this blog as well

I wanted to make money doing what I love

The good thing about doing what you are passionate for is that you will not give up no matter what comes

And you will be satisfied with what you earn in the beginning as long as your audiences are happy with your services

Wait a minute! this is not the case with the stylists right?

Having more income means you are killing it right?

Here is how you can start making money as a stylist

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Create A Website

create a website

Every business start with an investment

You need your own website so that you reach a larger audience

By a larger audience, I mean customers from all corners of the world

If you rely on promoting your products on your social platforms alone chances are, you will reach a very tiny audience = low income

To create a website:

Find the best host, I recommend Siteground because it is affordable and the Siteground support team is superb

The site speed is splendid and they have affordable plans starting at $47 a year

It’s easy to set up a website on Siteground they will provide a quick setup wizard for WordPress users

Remember to choose a perfect theme for a fashion blog

Connect Your Website With Your Social Accounts

link social media accounts

It is an excellent practice to connect your site with your social media accounts

That way you will look more professional and it helps you get noticed with some brands and influencers in your niche (the fashion niche)

It also helps you reach a larger audience

And the audience you will drive from those platforms will likely purchase your products and spread the word about you

Remember to add a contact page on your site to make it easy for folks to contact you

Become A Stella & Dot Stylist

There is no better way of taking your stylist skills to a higher level than becoming a Stella & Dot stylist

Stella & Dot is an online shop created for women

They offer an affiliate marketing program in which you will earn a commission on every sale you make

That’s not all they accept stylists of all kinds even those without experience

They will train you to become a professional stylist and they pay you weekly

If you sign up as a Stella & Dot stylist now as of June 2019 you will get the bestselling kit and receive $1000 in product for a down payment as low as $199

This is a great opportunity to take your talent as a stylist to another level

Wrapping up

It’s possible to make money as a stylist

And the good thing is, you will work from home doing what you love and be your own boss

As a Stella & Dot stylist, you will work at your own pace, at your own schedule and earning a good income to take care of your needs

Do you have any question(s)? Feel free to ask I am always ready to help you

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