The Main Reason Why I Left Wealthy Affiliate: Read This Before Joining WA

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2019)

Thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Read this post to the end before joining

Never heard of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) before?

Grab a cup of coffee, relax and read on

This is not just another Wealthy Affiliate review

I am a former Wealthy Affiliate premium member and I’m going to share everything (the good and the bad) you need to know about WA

You can never find any post similar to this one across the net

Because I’m going to share with you all the details about Wealthy Affiliate and the reason why I left

A Little Story About Me And How I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

I am an African mom to three sweet kids

My husband works for a non-profit (community) organization

And they pay him less than $200 US monthly

I guess you can agree with me that less than $200 US for a family of 5 it’s totally nothing, for years my husband has been trying hard labour side hustles so that he could provide for us

But still what he earns only covers our basic needs like clothes, food, school fees for our first child and that’s all

No car, no money for holidays just food and clothes

If you have ever visited some parts of Africa you know this kind of life is real

We couldn’t even afford to buy toys for our kids ( this was the most painful experience: it’s every mom’s dream to buy her kiddos some cool toys)

(My affiliate marketing disclosure is truly inspired by my desire to buy toys for my kids, in case you’ve never read any of my posts here’s how it goes:

Some links in this section are affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to buy toys for my kids if you use these links. You will not be charged extra. I only recommend high-quality products. I don’t recommend them based on the small amount I earn if you decide to make a purchase, I only recommend what I think can truly be useful to you. Thanks a million for your support.

I was tired of living this kind of life and I wanted to change our lives

So I decided to help my husband

But I couldn’t look for a job elsewhere because of my other kids who are not yet schooling and are always home

I needed a work at home job

So I started looking for ways to make money online

At first, I joined a pay per click platform (I don’t remember the name) and I made $150 in a day for clicking ads!

They said I should refer 40 people for me to get access to the money and I spent 2 months trying to convince friends and family to join

I got 42 referrals but when I wanted to cash-out my account was cancelled *GOT SCAMMED*

Little did I know that it was a scam

I’m Not A Quitter

Naturally, I don’t give up easily so I didn’t stop there

I knew that if there is a scam for something there is always a legit alternative

So I kept searching and I joined Neobux and Superpayme

They are legit but it takes hard work to earn a penny so I left

I didn’t know anything about blogging back then so I searched for ways to make money online

And I found out about MyLot, a platform where you get paid for interacting with others and I only earned $1 in a month

I kept searching, joining and leaving similar platforms until 1 day I stumbled upon an income report of a dude who made $13,000 in a month!

He said he made it by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate

I was hooked up and I joined WA without a second thought

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Now that you know why and how I joined WA let’s discuss a bit about this platform in case you don’t know

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate marketing platform where folks get trained to become “expert” Internet and Affiliate Marketers

It was formed in 2005 as a keyword list membership site by Carson and Kyle from Canada

Carson and Kyle

It is believed that people LOVED Wealthy Affiliate’s services and they kept asking for more

They needed to interact with each other, learn more about Internet marketing, get more blogging resources and that led to WA becoming an all in one platform

This means they cover everything from internet marketing, affiliate marketing, keywords research and all things blogging (more about it in details throughout this post)

Besides the training, Wealthy Affiliate has a referral program for its members

If they refer someone to WA they earn a commission

But the commission differs according to your membership because WA has 2 memberships

There is a Starter (Free) membership and a premium (Paid) membership

Wealthy Affiliate Starter (Free) Membership

Did I mention why I joined Wealthy Affiliate without a second thought?

The first reason was their free membership

I wanted to see for myself if the $13k dude was telling the truth

And I loved that I had nothing to lose since it was free to join

I must say I was so impressed with the welcome message I got from Kyle the co-owner of WA

Here’s what every new member receives when they join WA:

Though it’s obviously automated but I loved it, I felt at home from day one

You know what?

If you reply or like that automated welcome message Kyle will reply back

Honestly, I appreciate this, it makes you feel safe

It shows that you are dealing with real humans

But is Kyle a man of his words?

On the first message, he gave me a link to a free course and he promised a 59% discount, free access to him and a diamond traffic bonus

Did he really fulfil his promise? Let’s find out

I’m going to discuss the free course he offered me first

Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 (free)

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 main pieces of training, the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp

The Online Entrepreneur Certification has 5 phases(courses) with 50 lessons this means 10 lessons per each phase

And the Bootcamp has 7 phases (70 lessons)

WA training

You get the first phase per each course for free

In other words 20 free lessons

The lessons are both in video and text formats and they’re task-based which allows you to take action and enhance your productivity as you build your online business

It’s up to you if you want to start with the Affiliate Bootcamp or the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training

But if you are a complete newbie to the internet and affiliate marketing world (like I was) you will have to start with the Online Entrepreneur certification

As I said earlier I didn’t know anything about blogging when I joined WA

I didn’t even know about the word blog itself, all I knew was that people can make money online by clicking ads and taking surveys

And when I joined WA my aim was to learn how I can refer people to WA and make my first $13k as well, lol

I got the idea of blogging from the Online Entrepreneur Certification training (clap hands for Kyle)

The first phase covers the basics for setting up a website and you get two free Siterubix websites to get you started

Because all the lessons are task bassed they give you websites to make sure that you implement what you are learning as soon as you complete a lesson

site builder

Frankly speaking, this phase changed my life

I cried when I got my first websites (I’m a very emotional person)

I couldn’t believe that a penless nobody like me got her very own 2 websites

Here’s what first phase covers:

  1. Getting rolling-Walkthrough video of WA and setting up your profile

2. Understanding how to make money online- Understanding the process of making money online, joining the discussions for new WA members and setting your money goals

3. Choosing a niche- Choosing a direction + choosing your niche

4. Building your own niche website- build your website in under 30 seconds (video) + building your website in a respective niche

5. Setting up your website- login to your website back office, activating and updating plugins, deleting defaults posts, pages and comments

6. Getting your site ready for search engines-Setting up an SEO plugin, optimizing your site home description and title for SEO

7. Creating your initial website content- Creating and publishing an about me page + creating and publishing a privacy policy page

8. Creating your custom menus on your website- Introducing menus in WordPress + creating a menu

9. Understanding keywords, the start of your content- Understanding keywords + perform 5 keyword searches using Jaaxy (a Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool)

10. Congratulations and your next steps- Everything you need to know about the WA premium

I learned everything I’ve mentioned here for free, *thanks again to Kyle*

Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

I’ve mentioned about using Jaaxy on lesson 9

Jaaxy is a Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool

You know as a content creator you will need to understand everything about keywords because keywords will help you rank and drive targetted traffic to your site

Kyle teaches the keywords basics on the first training

And free members get free access to Jaaxy and do 30 keyword searches

Jaaxy Keyword research tool

Now that you know about the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Jaaxy let’s dive into the Affiliate Bootcamp

WA’s Affiliate Bootcamp Training

 Affiliate bootcamp training

Some of the lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp are quite similar to those in the Online Entrepreneur Certification

But the explanations you get from the Affiliate Bootcamp lessons are more detailed

In other words, the Affiliate Bootcamp is more advanced than the Online Entrepreneur Certification

I won’t line out everything you will learn from the Affiliate Bootcamp since some of the lessons are similar to those of the Online Entrepreneur Certification

On lesson 9 you will learn how to create a thoughtful review, choose a winning title for your review and write your first WA review if you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate

That’s where you will learn how to use affiliate links as well

There you have it!

All the free lessons you will get as a free WA member now let’s talk about the commission

How Much Do You Earn As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter (Free) Member?

As I said earlier Wealthy Affiliate has a referral program and it’s open for every member but the commission differs depending on the type of your membership

When your referral upgrades to the premium you earn a commission and whenever they pay for their membership you earn a recurring commission

WA has monthly ($49) and yearly ($359) payment plans

If your referral upgrades she/he will get a 59% discount (special offer) and will pay $19 on her/his first month and then $49 thereafter

You will earn $4 for a $19 discount, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly

This is awesome, after all, you join for free, learn for free and earn money on top of that (hats off to WA for this one)

Who Can Join WA Starter (Free) Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Starter (free) membership is good for you if you:

  1. Want to learn affiliate and internet marketing basics without spending a dime
  2. Want to build your own website without spending money
  3. Like to earn while you learn for free
  4. Want to see if blogging is for you
  5. Are planning to monetize a free website with affiliate marketing (some affiliate programs do not approve free website and new bloggers)
  6. Want to have 2 different websites for free
  7. Want to make a referral (affiliate) recurring income

What They Don’t Tell You About Wealthy Affiliate (free) Starter Membership

What They Don't Tell You About Wealthy Affiliate (free) Starter Membership

Most people only care about referring you to WA, earn a commission when you upgrade and that’s it

They don’t tell you the truth about the free starter membership

Here’s what they don’t tell you:

  1. Even though they say you get access to WA premium features on your first 7 days of joining the truth is you get access to a bite-sized NOT all of the premium features
  2. Wealthy Affiliate has an amazing community (more about it below) but NO ONE will interact or follow you if you don’t add a description and an image on your Wa profile. By an image, I mean any image even a rose, a cat or a car all you need is to show the community that you are a real human, not a spammer (people follow people not blank profiles)
  3. You don’t get 10 lessons per each free level (the affiliate Bootcamp and the OEC) you get 9 real lessons the 10th one is more like a premium membership tour
  4. Your 2 free websites aren’t professional websites they are similar to free Blogger and websites the only difference is that WA allows you to monetize your free sites with ads, affiliate marketing and anything you might think of
  5. There is no need to hurry you can upgrade anytime if you want to and you will still get the 59% (special offer) discount
  6. When you are a starter member you are on your own, no one will help you, not even your referer because you will only have access to send private messages to your referer, ask questions to the WA community and participate in the WA chat forum for the first 7 days

Now that you know everything about WA freemium membership do you want to give it a shot?

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s very easy to join

Unlike any other membership platforms, they don’t have strict member review processes, this means you don’t wait for approval

Joining WA is as is as joining facebook

All you have to do is visit Wealthy Affiliate and join by simply adding your name and email address

The good part is, you can even use a fake email and a pet name, no one will bother

This means there is nothing to lose if you just want to check out WA and see if it’s a good fit for you

As for me, after WA taught me about blogging I started researching more about blogging and affiliate marketing

And I didn’t want to upgrade, WA seemed to be very expensive after the special offer month

So my husband suggested that I should buy a one time course and then use WA for affiliate referrals

I did and guess what?

The course was useless, the info was not even close to what I learnt from WA for free

I didn’t stop there, I bought another course from a different blogger and it was all crap

I gave up, upgraded and became a WA premium

(thanks to my hubby despite all the challenges he kept working hard for me to get blogging knowledge)

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

WARNING: Don’t waste your time researching about Wealthy Affiliate on the net, WA members know how to rank, all the WA reviews (and a number of affiliate platforms reviews) are written by WA members and they direct you to WA even if they are negative reviews, the best thing to do if you want to know more about WA is to simply join WA for free and see for yourself

Wealthy Affiliate wants more students so they train their members the best ranking techniques so that they can easily rank higher and refer more people to WA

WA members can write a negative product review of a product they never tried and still outrank the positive one

That explains why I managed to rank #1 with my new blog, I kept practising everything I’ve learnt from WA even though I was no longer a Wealthy Affiliate member

But before diving into the WA training I want to show you some of the things that are available for the Wealthy Affiliate premium members

Wealthy Affiliate Community

WA community

To be honest with you, WA has the most helpful and supportive community you can never find elsewhere

I’m partly an introvert and I never felt comfortable posting on my WA blog

Used to reach out to my coach alone (the $13k dude) his name is Brok and Kyle whenever I needed help

Until the day I decided to write a farewell post letting the WA community know that I was leaving

I was so amazed by their reaction

My farewell post on WA

As you can see on the top left corner the post got 244 comments

Everybody was sharing incredible ideas to help me stay on WA

That’s when I met new friends and I didn’t leave on that month

I stayed because of the loving community

They kept sending me private messages,

Some of them offered me guest posting opportunities, some blog monetizing ideas and some even wanted to interview me just to help me grow but I turned down the offers because I wasn’t ready lol

I wasn’t confident enough (silly me) and I left WA anyway

Ways To Interact With Other WA Members

WA has members from 195 countries which makes it easier for everyone to interact with anyone any time

  1. There is a WA 24/7 chat room, where you can simply drop a question anytime (even at 2.00am) and get answers instantly
WA chat platform

2. You can write a blog post and post it on your WA blog (like what I did) and the members will leave comments, follow you, send a private message or like your post

3. You can simply comment on other WA members’ blogs. This will also boost your WA rankings and help you get noticed by other members

4. Participate on WA threads

What They Don’t Tell You About The WA Community

a) The Wealthy Affiliate community can become addictive (like facebook) if you don’t control yourself

You will end up spending more time chatting, posting on your WA blog and commenting on other members blogs forgetting your training which is the main purpose for joining WA

B) Just like on any other platform not everyone is as good as they seem to be

Some of them will pretend to offer you help and ask you to pay them in return, you shouldn’t pay anyone inside WA

Real WA members offer free advice

Wealthy Affiliate Web-hosting

When you upgrade to a premium membership you automatically get 25 managed WordPress websites and 25 free Siterubix websites (similar to the 2 sites you get as a free member)

In other words, you will get 50 websites for only $19 on your first premium month which is pretty cool

As for the site loading speed, I didn’t know anything about it back then but nobody complained about the loading issues

What I know is that the WA site support is amazing

I once had a security issue and I contacted them, they replied in less than 5 min telling me that they read my email and have already fixed the issue

I was impressed!

Setting up a Website On WA

It’s very easy to set-up a site on WA

You don’t have to go through the C-Panel and install WordPress

Everything will be done for you, all you have to do is point your domain name to your new site which is so easy because there are plenty of video tutorials for that

Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments And Feedback

site feedback

There is a site comment and site feedback section on WA where you can request comments from other WA members to boost your site rankings

I found it a bit easier to request comments inside WA than requesting comments on facebook groups

On WA you can easily comment on other members’ blogs and earn credits, and then use those credits to request comments

The same goes with the site feedback, you can simply use your credits to request for site feedback so that you get to know if your site is user-friendly

What I didn’t Like About The Site Comments

At first, I loved requesting and getting comments from the WA community but later started to despise it

I wanted to know what my real readers felt whenever I published a post

I wanted to know if they loved the post, have questions or have something to add up, after all, I was writing for my readers

But all I had were comments from the WA community

Nobody was forced to use the site comment feature so I stopped requesting for comments

Weekly Live Video Training

Weekly live training

Jay (MagicStudios) conducts a 1hr live video training every Friday

I loved the training because Jay covered some of the important things that weren’t available in the main WA training

Some members used to complain that Jay’s trainings are too basic but they were ok for me maybe because I was a complete newbie

The Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ

Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ

I must say there is information overload on WA

If you’re not too carefull you might become overwhelmed and end up getting nowhere

On top of the main training (the Affiliate Bootcamp and the OEC), there are countless pieces of training that you can find on the training HQ

Some of these pieces of training are created by the WA premium members

After 3 months of being a WA member, you will be given the ability to create your own training and teach other Wealthy Affiliate members and earn from it

What I like is that you can teach anything that comes in your mind (even how to create a Pinterest pin) there is always someone who will appreciate that

The Affiliate Bootcamp And The Online Entrepreneur Certification Training

As I mentioned earlier the Affiliate Bootcamp and the OEC are the main WA training

This means you might ignore Jay’s live training and any other training but you should never skip any of the Affiliate Bootcamp + OEC training if you really want to get the best out of WA

Or should I say if you really want to build a successful blog business

There are 5 courses on the OEC (50 lessons) and 7 courses on the Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons)

I have covered everything about the first course for each training which is open for free

But I’m not going to write about every course on each training (this post is long already lol)

To save you time I’m going to pick my favourite course on each training (the ones that I really loved and enjoyed) and discuss a bit about it:

a) The Online Entrepreneur Certification: Level 3- Making Money

OEC level 3

It’s easy to guess why this was my favourite level, am I right?

We all love money, don’t we? and something that teaches you how to make money is pure gold

This course explains the whole customer purchase life cycle, has an in-depth guide on ways to earn money with affiliate marketing and many more blog monetization techniques

Kyle also shares a tricky advertising technique that very few people know about, (sorry I can’t share it that will be unfair)

I really loved this course it helped me earn my first $20 with a dead blog

b) The Affiliate Bootcamp: Level 2-Content, Keywords and Conversions

Affiliate Bootcamp level 2

This is where I learnt exactly how to make my blog posts readable

Kyle also shares how to find more topic ideas from a single blog post

I still use Kyle’s technique and I don’t run out of blog post ideas

WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Las Vegas poster

There is a Super Affiliate Incentive program on WA

It is dedicated to the top affiliate marketers who manage to make 300 WA premium sales in a year

For instance, if 300 of your referrals upgrade to a premium membership between January and December you will get invited to WA’s annual 3-4 days Super Affiliate conference in Vegas

You will get the chance to meet Kyle and Carson in person and rub your shoulders with the world’s best affiliate marketers

Professional affiliate marketers at a super affiliate conference in Las Vegas

The cool part is, all you will have to worry about is packing your clothes because WA pays for EVERYTHING

I left WA without achieving this dream of going to Las Vegas (poor me)

Here’s What’s included in the trip:

  • Flights (no matter where you are from)
  • Luxurious accommodations
  • Ultimate 5 star dining experience
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 3 days of conferences
  • Private 1-2 hour conference with Kyle and Carson
  • Wealthy affiliate branded swag

Finding Lucrative Affiliate Programs Right Within Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate programs database

I thought WA wouldn’t allow the members to join other affiliate programs but I was wrong

WA’s training is meant for helping the members to become successful affiliate marketers, not to become affiliates for Wealthy Affiliate alone

And to prove that WA created a database featuring the best affiliate programs for all popular niches

All you will have to do is type in your keywords or the program you are searching for and join

Kyle will also teach you how to search for affiliate programs on Google

I really appreciate this, that’s how I found out about ShareASale and joined, now ShareASale is my #1 affiliate market place

How To Earn Money As A WA Premium Member

There are many many ways that WA premium members can use to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate

I’m going to mention a few:

a) Premium members earn a commission whenever their referrals upgrades

and their commissions double the commissions of free members

This means instead of earning $4 for the $19 first month special offer they earn $8, they earn $23.50 thereafter ($49 monthly) and $175 yearly

b) They also earn money when they create a training

c) When a WA premium member becomes a certified site commentetor she/he will earn money whenever she/he comments on other sites

d) They also earn a commission when their referral purchases Jaaxy

The list goes on

Who Can Upgrade To A WA Premium Membership

Everyone can become a WA premium member but it can be more valuable to you if you:

  1. Don’t want to run from one blog to another purchasing different types of courses, WA is an all in one internet and affiliate marketing platform
  2. Want to earn while you learn
  3. Want free coaching
  4. Love networking with like-minded folks from across the globe
  5. Afford to pay for the premium membership
  6. Host your sites on Wealthy Affiliate (you can also opt to host outside WA and remain premium)

What They Don’t Tell You About The WA Premium Membership

What They Don't Tell You About The WA Premium Membership

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate nobody told me that:

  1. You only get 25 managed WordPress websites when you upgrade and you will have to buy a domain name separately for each website for you to use them (I was a complete newbie remember)
  2. You have to move your site before leaving WA or else you will not be able to move it to a new host and you might end up losing your site
  3. Once you are a premium member there is no turning back, you either create a new free account or leave WA when you fail to pay for your membership
  4. You will also lose your free sites when you fail to pay for your premium membership
  5. You don’t get rich quick with WA it requires hard work

Why I Left Wealthy Affiliate, Is It A Scam?

Finally what you’ve been itching to hear, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

My honest answer is a big NO

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam

It is not a get rich quick scheme, you will have to work hard to become successful with WA

Success is happening at Wealthy Affiliate

So why did I left WA?

I want to be very honest with you

I didn’t leave WA because I wanted to, it was due to the inability to pay for my membership

My husband tried his best to help me pay for my monthly premium membership but he failed, $49 was too much for us

I even sold my sewing machine to pay for my membership

I didn’t want to leave WA

WA is an awesome platform I have ever found, it made me who I am today

I never thought that I can have my own site and that I can have you reading my blogs

WA is hands down the best platform to join

My Experience After Leaving WA

I had a terrible experience after leaving WA

Lost my blog because I didn’t move it from WA before my membership was cancelled

It had 13 blog posts

I was frustrated and wanted to quit blogging

But I managed to pick myself up and start over again

Blogging is all about learning new things every day so I never stopped learning

I relaunched my blog on Siteground and started grabbing every freebie that came on my way

And I started following successful bloggers like Neil Patel, Jon Morrow, Elna Cain, Meera Kothand, Henneke, Arfa Nazeer (to mention but a few)

I give credit to all of them, the info they give out for free really helped and is still helping me

But there are some circumstances where I felt stuck and needed instant help, unfortunately, I couldn’t get any help

And some of the bloggers I reached out to would ask me to buy their courses instead, which is not bad (blogging is business after all) but I couldn’t afford the courses

That made miss WA so much because I used to get free instant help at anytime

So I rejoined WA and right now as I speak, I am a Wealthy Affiliate Starter (Free) member

This means if you decide to join WA using any of my links here and later decide to upgrade, I will earn a commission and will use it to pay for my membership and complete my training, will also fund this blog and obviously buy toys for my kids

Your support will be highly appreciated, it will change my life

Thanks in advance

Final Thoughts

I made a mistake when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate

Thought I will get rich quick and I upgraded without planning how I was going to pay for my membership

If in any way you decide to join WA don’t make the same mistake, remember you don’t get rich quick with WA and you can stay free for as long as you like and upgrade when you are ready

WA is a great platform you can ever join

I’m confident that you will love it, remember to leave a message on my WA profile when you join

Is this your first time to hear about Wealthy Affiliate? ask me anything about WA I will gladly help you

Already a WA member? kindly share your experience would love to hear from you

Liked this post? Kindly share with your peeps and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest

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  1. Hi there, I am a WA member… I would recommend upgrading during the black friday offer. It comes at the end of November and once you pay that once, you’re locked into that price for life. It’s only $299 – so a massive discount. If you can find the money for that, I’d recommend it.

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